Regenerative Fashion Design 

by: Melissa Lockwood

Sustainably sourced fabrics.

Ethically made with living wages.

Support Women in the workplaces.

Inspiring Slow Fashion with Quality.

Circular Production, repairs and replace.

Why Choose Us?

Our practice is based on sustainability, the overall health of the planet and its inhabitants is at the core of our decision making.

At present, we are using the most eco, ethical materials we can find that match our product needs, price point, and values.

Supply Chain: Our garments are made with fabrics that were remnants.  The fabrics used to make these garments were salvaged.  They were pulled from the waste stream into the use stream.  We are using fabrics diverted from the landfill.  Reduced pollution. 

Fair trade and fairly paid:   We only work with organizations that adhere to the living wage pay for their employees work.  

Women’s Empowerment: We work with woman-owned businesses and/or partners who value women across all areas of our business.  We design to flatter a woman’s natural figure, just as she is. We seek diversity in our models. We depict our designs on women in a range of professions.

Philanthropic heart: We donate to Green Peace because they do a great job informing people about how to help the earths environment.

Restorative Justice:  We look for ways to “flip the script” and turn any industry exploitation into opportunities for empowerment.​  

Connectivity and Education Educate our consumers on how they can make more conscious decisions.

Gorgeous, one-of a kind dress, made with high quality materials. I wore it and got many compliments. I love that the clothing is sustainable and reversible. Thank You!

Ariel Kara
IQTEST Shopper 2020

About Us

Melissa Lockwood


In 2010 after seeing large size dumpsters filled with new fabric going to the landfill, Melissa Lockwood started creating works speaking about manufacturing waste and pollution. 

An artist not a designer she knew she had to change the way the garment manufacturers see its extra fabrics.

She embarked on making and selling garments made with fabrics local NY designers threw away. IQTEST has been seen in Vogue, Downtown Magazine, NY Times, WSJ, Venice Biennale, Paris  and Cannes Film Festival.